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Welcome to the official site for 
Sirmon Training
Consulting Group

Here you will find information on our professional background, the courses we offers, and the dates and locations of upcoming course. 

Passion for education, leadership and positive organizational environments has been our focus for several years. Our desire to "have fun" in the classroom has created an inviting and friendly environment for learning, moving the needle in the
right direction on the bottom line.

Thank you for visiting and see you soon!


               THE GREATEST AMONG US,

          Matthew 23:11 

Each individual is in a life that is already in process!
James Flaherty

Empty Cup,,, New Tea!
Nan-in, a Japanese master during the Meiji era

People won't change unless there is a felt need!
Joe Folkman

We have met the enemy and he is us.
(Walt Kelly's comic strip / Pogo) 

He thought he was hiring mere employees, but whole people showed up instead!
Henry Ford

            Video Testimonies
Watch what people are saying about us.

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Dina Hamid                        Ed Steadman                        Jay Mason

Create an Environment where your employees don't leave their enthusiasm in the parking lot !!
Captain D. Michael Abrashoff

Leadership is like old wine in a new bottle!
Jason Sirmon


 Never Again begins with you. 
Holocaust Memorial Museum 





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